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A Message From Our Founder

Natalie Brennan - The Botanical Soap ShopThe Botanical Soap Shop is an exquisitely small and unique home based business located on Mayne Island, Canada. Founded by ‘Natalie Brennan,’ Born and raised in Great Britain then moved to Canada many years ago looking for adventure at the young age of seventeen.

The whole premise to me starting my own business was to be able to create and provide wholesome and truly natural earthy soap varieties using combinations of locally harvested herbs and veggies, detoxifying facial masks, gentle facial polishes and bath bombs that leave your whole body lovingly nourished whilst providing as many naturally formed health benefits as possible.

Like others I was tired of reading flashy packaged sales driven commercial beauty products literally plastered with unscrupulously empty health promises splashed all over them, only to observe the listed ingredients and discover all the nasty artificial harmful chemical contents and wonder how the product was even legal to sell in the first place!

Being a small business is always good news for the customer. It’s not just The Botanical Soap Shop’s integrity on the line but also my very own. In fact I have been lucky enough to meet and greet many customers in person at one of our fabulous local Vancouver Island farmers markets that I attended every week throughout the summer months.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!