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Poppy Seed
Botanical Soap Shop - Blueberry
Botanical Soap Shop - Dandelion
Botanical Soap Shop - Chickweed
Botanical Soap Shop - Wheatgrass
Botanical Soap Shop - Spearmint
Botanical Soap Shop - Pumpkin
Botanical Soap Shop - Fireweed
Giant Plantain
Giant Plantain
Botanical Soap Shop - Elderberry Flower
Botanical Soap Shop - Baby Chamomile
Baby Chamomile
Botanical Soap Shop –  Calendula Shampoo
Calendula Shampoo

Not just another smelly soap

Beautifully rich nourishing hand made soap created from scratch by us using the time honored old fashioned ‘cold process’ method delivering huge amounts of naturally formed beneficial glycerin directly to your skin.

Natural is good, ‘certified organic’ is better, for you and our environment.

Each one of our specially created soap bar recipes are100% natural with up to 96% being ‘certified organic’ oils and we can assure you that you won’t find any canola oil or soybean oil in any of our products as your skin deserves only the best!

Organic sunflower oil: sunflower oil is thoroughly packed with wonderful properties for your skin and hair, cell regeneration, moisturizes, protects, naturally high in vitamins A, D, E, lecithin and omega 9, excellent for mature, sensitive or damaged skin. We absolutely love this oil and so will your skin.

Organic coconut oil: excellent for dry itchy or sensitive skin, will not clog pores and makes a long lasting bar full of fluffy bubbles.

Organic palm oil: mild and gentle on your skin, keeps your soap bar from getting all mushy and pulls all the other oils together for a perfect soap bar.

Organic castor oil: protects, conditions and draws moisture to your skin and hair.

Organic shea butter: excellent for dry aging skin, unique fatty acid profile that moisturizes and helps retain elasticity of the skin, protects whilst repairing cellular degeneration.

Organic golden jojoba oil: found in our shampoo bars. Unique and exotic this  natural oil closely resembles a wax similar to the skins sebum, packed with vitamin C it gives hair and skin glorious amounts of glowing softness.

Plus, antioxidant rich rosemary oil extract, wild crafted botanicals, organically grown fruits, berries and vegetables, mineral rich earthy clays and pure natural botanical essential oils.

Occasionally our suppliers may be out of stock on certain 'certified organic' oils and we may have to substitute for pure natural but uncertified oils in our recipes. In this case our soap bar wrappers will clearly indicate this.